Enterprise security necessitates the people’s side of change more than just technology investments

In the enterprise world, security is a big issue. And it always will be. Executives of these enterprises still believe that the best solution for this problem is just to hire security farms and leave the rest up to those companies. Ignoring other aspects, executives overlook the actual importance of security awareness. Security Awareness: Best Tool for Enterprise Security Preserving security is the priority for any enterprise. Security is connected to every part of a successful company along with different operations.

Using Your Skills and Interests to Set Your Career Goals

Megan joined a top software engineering firm straight out of college – it was a natural choice as it was one of the biggest paymasters at the time. She had reached a senior level position in 5 years – not very common at her firm – and was sure she could negotiate a better role and salary if she tried elsewhere. 

Is 3D Printing the Next Big Thing in Manufacturing? – An Industrial Revolution Yet to Come

The art of prototyping and design simulations revolutionized the manufacturing segment. And since the manufacturing industry serves pretty much every single industry vertical, the ability to design, simulate and efficiently prototype has the potential to make a global impact. However, the technology also faces a range of challenges that it must overcome first before taking over the manufacturing industry vertical by storm.

Retaining Top Talent At Your Office

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, US Department of Labor, the median number of years that salary workers have been with their employers has been consistently coming down over the last few years (hovering around 4 years), with ‘voluntary quits’ far outpacing layoffs. This holds particularly true for younger employees. The global management-consulting firm, Hay Group, found in multiple studies that employee turnover in the US has been slowly increasing since the 2012-13 period, and has reached the pre-recession levels.

The Thin Line Between Working Hard and Overworking


Do you work late most weekdays and over weekends? Take phone calls from work regularly during your family time? Keep checking office mails on your phone every few minutes, and get restless if you aren’t able to respond immediately? 

10 Tips on Succeeding in a Startup Culture

Many of the clients our team at Sunsoft works with to connect them to the best professionals tend to be startups. And many of the professionals who come to us to help them locate a job profile that suits their aptitude and qualification tend to actively seek employment with startups too. Having closely worked with both sides of the value chain for a long time now, we have realized that the startup environment requires a specific set of traits to succeed, which goes beyond qualification, hard work and dedication. 

Tips for Building an Effective Résumé

The nature of our work at Sunsoft involves helping candidates fine tune their résumés and hone their interview strategies. We have talked about some of the important tips to keep in mind when you are appearing for a job interview, and, based on the great feedback we have received from many candidates who seemed to have benefited from them, we thought it would be a good idea to sum up the key aspects involved in preparing your résumé too.

5 Points on How to Get Useful Feedback from Your Boss

Sam had been working at her current consulting job for about two years. She had joined the firm after a stint in IT, where she had been a star performer, rising up the ranks faster than the rest of her cohort. Always willing to take on any extra work – and there was always extra work in consulting – Sam was confident that the partner she reported to now was happy with her. At the two annual reviews she had had, he seemed quite satisfied with her performance. The reviews weren’t as exemplary as at her previous job, but she was sure she would gradually catch up.