In 2006, SunSoft was founded as a software development and consulting service provider, specializing in technology and IT professionals. We began serving companies in Phoenix, Arizona and Silicon Valley, California that needed full-time and outsourced experts. Having spent enough of our time on the applicant’s side of the table, we designed our service to better support and place job seekers, and to provide much faster results for both employers and candidates.

Today SunSoft Online has a staff of experienced mobile app developers, IT consultants, recruiters, and account managers who offer personalized service and creative solutions.


Why Choose SunSoft Online? Fast, Personalized Service

Whether you’re an established company, a startup, or a job seeker, Sunsoft Online provides you with personalized staffing service.

Because we read every resume and screen every applicant, we offer the most qualified candidates available. You can be sure that you haven’t missed any great candidates who slipped through the sieve of computer screening. And we do it all in record time, usually in less than 24 hours after we get the posting.

We apply the same personalization and care to outsourced positions, whether the contractor works in your space or ours, whether they're managed by your team or ours, or whether they're in our contract-to-hire program.

If you're an applicant, you'll benefit from our personalized service as we work to place you into the best available position where you can contribute, succeed, and grow. We take a long-term, career-focused view of placement and guide you based on our years of experience.

Fast, Personalized Service – The Best Candidates Possible