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About Us

In 2006, SunSoft was founded as a software development and consulting service provider. As a professional consulting business, we offer a variety of services to our clients. These services include working on a wide range of projects and technologies, helping our clients solve complex IT problems and implement new technologies, and providing expertise and guidance on various IT-related matters.

We have the flexibility to work with a variety of clients and on projects in different locations, and we are committed to helping our clients achieve their goals and make a positive impact through the use of technology. We value personal and professional growth, and strive to continuously learn and adapt to new technologies and environments in order to provide the best possible service to our clients.

Why Choose SunSoft Online? Fast, Personalized Service

Whether you’re an established company, a startup, or a job seeker, Sunsoft Online provides you with personalized staffing service.

Because we read every resume and screen every applicant, we offer the most qualified candidates available. You can be sure that you haven’t missed any great candidates who slipped through the sieve of computer screening. And we do it all in record time, usually in less than 24 hours after we get the posting.

We apply the same personalization and care to outsourced positions, whether the contractor works in your space or ours, whether they're managed by your team or ours, or whether they're in our contract-to-hire program.

If you're an applicant, you'll benefit from our personalized service as we work to place you into the best available position where you can contribute, succeed, and grow. We take a long-term, career-focused view of placement and guide you based on our years of experience

Fast, Personalized Service – The Best Candidates Possible

How Does Partnering With Sunsoft Improve Your Talent Acquisition Process?

Here at Sunsoft we pride ourselves on working with some of the best firms in the technology industry to help them find highly-qualified talent that suits their requirements. Our clients, whether they are young startups or more established firms, have realized that our expert team can prove a very able and consistent partner to meet their hiring needs.

But given the vital role that talent acquisition plays in any business, it is natural for many managers thinking about availing our services for the first time to ask if this would bring real value to their very specific needs. How would working with us mean a better hiring system, if at all? And will this mean that their firm would have to let go of their existing HR roles?

Let’s begin with the second question first. The answer is no. Recruitment is only one important function that the HR team serves among many others, not the least of which is to help new employees get on board at the firm. Our role can be seen to be more in conjunction with your HR team – our performance helps your HR team work better too. But, if you are a lean, young firm that is yet to set up an HR team, we surely can take care of the recruitment aspect and help you focus on your core business for the time being.

To answer the other question, here are the 8 main ways that working with us can make your hiring process more streamlined, time-bound, cost-effective and an overall more efficient process:

We Help Improve The Quality Of Your Hires

This is the end of the whole process. With the vast talent pool we cultivate across geographies; we can ensure that your specific requirements, no matter the role, are met in the best possible manner. We go beyond the experience and education of candidates to vet their personality and cultural fitness after understanding your company’s needs thoroughly, ensuring that you never miss the best candidate suited for the role available to you.

We Reduce Costs For Your Hiring Process

By filling vacant positions that directly affect productivity, through our streamlined process, using the best technology, and freeing your HR team for other functions, we reduce your hiring costs significantly. You also save on hiring headhunters or relying on job boards for different roles, and your staff turnover decreases in the medium to long term.

We Save You Time Spent On The Hiring Process

Our recruitment process is geared solely towards getting you the best candidates and nets results measurably faster than your internal recruitment process, which uses up managers’ and HR teams’ time. Vacancies filled up faster mean you have much more time to focus on your core activities.

We Make Your Recruitment System More Scalable

We make your recruitment system more scalable – Our flexible systems say that when you hire through us, your recruitment works in coordination with business peaks and troughs. You can quickly scale up hiring through our existing processes and talent pool and put a freeze on it exactly when you need to.

We Make Your Hiring Process More Consistent

Predictability is a factor one can never have more of in the recruitment process. As consultants, we work with multiple departments in your firms to design a consistent, clearer process for you. This not only makes your hiring managers more satisfied but also makes candidates more comfortable with entering your method.

We Enhance Your Company Brand (At No Extra Cost To You!)

Direct advertising to potential employees is a cost that is never talked about enough and which every company could do without. We eliminate your investment in spreading a wide net through costly outlets by approaching the best-suited set of candidates through our existing channels. Our forums that let your feedback from your current employees pass on to potential employees also enhance your brand as an employer, attracting candidates to you instead of you making an effort to do it.

We Make Your Regulation Compliance More Robust

Our team members are labor laws and standards experts. We can handle health benefits, 401Ks, and even life insurance, depending on your requirements, so you don’t have to worry about non-compliance. Detailed records of the hiring process at every stage ensure that a quality-based approach to recruitment is followed, removing the burden from your managers and elevating the standards of talent acquisition at all levels.

We Provide You A Long-Term View Of Your Hiring

Our tracking system ensures real-time reporting and detailed insights of your own and industry-wide hiring data to help you initiate strategies and make timely decisions. We also allow you to fine-tune your hiring process to suit your particular needs every time you hire through us, ensuring that the return from every penny spent is much higher.

While these benefits are remarkable for any company, working with us is even more of a no-brainer if you are a startup. For a growing team, it is so much more critical than the qualified candidate that comes to you. It also fits your culture and adds to it beyond the primary responsibilities on paper – something we have proven capabilities in sourcing for from the global talent pool we work with. You want a team that can manage an efficient hiring process regarding time and money, showcasing in the best possible way the benefits that you offer to potential coworkers, and our team at SunSoft is the right partner for that.

So, there, you have it – SunSoft helps you improve and better control your hiring system on very objective and critical criteria. Partner with us in your search for your next best set of employees so you can get back to focus on your business.