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Your Roadmap Back to Work

Aug 13 2023
Your Roadmap Back to Work

Your Roadmap Back to Work: 

Putting your professional journey on hold doesn't mean stalling in self-development or career advancement. Whether this halt was voluntary, due to health concerns, personal well-being, family commitments, or triggered by external events like losing a job, these experiences are never in vain. It's possible to shape this chapter of your life to bolster your appeal in the quest for new employment.

Reintegration into the Work Landscape: Tackling Uncertainty and Apprehensions

The journey back into professional life after a hiatus might stir up a mixture of emotions. You may feel a disconnect from former colleagues or find the evolving business world daunting. The transition can ignite self-questioning, and it's worth acknowledging that some hiring managers might perceive a career gap as a liability.

These considerations lead to the pivotal question: Is it truly possible to rekindle my career? The emphatic response is: Absolutely! From personal experience, having taken three unique pauses in my professional life—one to care for my child—I have navigated the intricacies of compensation, immigration stability, designation, organizational reputation, and more, marrying them with my familial obligations and prospects for growth.

My onboarding as a full-time staff member at SunSoft Online marked a triumphant conclusion to my latest job hunt, evidencing that career interruptions don't hinder subsequent success.

The Data and Obstacles

You're not navigating this journey in isolation. According to an inquiry by LinkedIn and Censuswide, 49% of working mothers take lengthy maternity leaves. Among those who don't, three-quarters wish to but are restrained by financial considerations.

The strains of the pandemic have compelled almost 2 million women to exit the workforce, with 61% finding the reentry process tough. So how can you maneuver through these barriers?

A considerable part of the struggle is psychological. It's common to become trapped in doubt, leading to paralysis. If you've pulled away from professional life, rest assured that countless others have successfully traversed this path before you.


7 Practical Steps to Reengage After a Professional Hiatus


1. Concentrate on Self-Discovery

  • Grasp Your Requirements:

 Delve into what resonates with you at this juncture of your life. Pinpoint your strong points, inclinations, talents, and evaluate any novel competencies you fostered during your hiatus.

  • Compile Opinions:

Contact prior supervisors and peers for insights into your strong suits. Consider utilizing LinkedIn commendations as reminders of your triumphs.

  • Acknowledge Uncompensated Contributions:

Don't undervalue the significance of unpaid roles, such as caregiving or community service. These experiences can cultivate abilities like multitasking, leadership, and mentorship.


2. Identify the Perfect Timing for Reintegration

  • Discern Your Motives:

Comprehend your rationale for reengaging, whether it's financial needs, social engagement, or zeal for your domain.

  • Forge Your Brief Presentation:

Assemble an effective personal narrative and synchronize your resume and LinkedIn persona with your individual brand.


3. Forge Connections to Fortify Assurance

  • Widen Your Connections:

Engage with potential connections, both online and face-to-face.

  • Secure a Guide:

A mentor can furnish guidance, introduce you to others, and render constructive evaluations.


4. Renew Your Proficiencies

  • Stay Informed: Tune in to podcasts, follow technical periodicals, and join interactive groups to amplify your assurance.
  • Leverage Complimentary Offerings: Contemplate web-supported educational platforms like specialized camps, validations, and collegiate courses.


5. Extend Applications and Welcome Transformation

  • Investigate Diverse Avenues: Submit applications to full-time, temporary, and contractual roles, regardless of meeting all stipulations.
  • Be Receptive to Alterations: Prepare for a contrasting work milieu and employ your renewed capabilities.


6. Cultivate Sensible Anticipations

  • Probe Varied Directions: You may need to initiate with an internship or a subordinate role.
  • Reflect on Returnship Schemes: Programs such as Intuit Again furnish empathetic pathways back into the professional arena.


7. Ready Yourself for Dialogues

  • Research Profoundly: Acquaint yourself with a company's ambiance and ambitions.
  • Partake Actively in Dialogues: Establish a reciprocated discourse and ask considerate queries.
  • Request Appraisals: Don't be shy to inquire about potential hiring obstacles, as it's an opportunity for advancement.


Time to Implement Your Strategy

With a well-articulated strategy, you are now equipped to commence this exhilarating expedition. You might need to make some concessions, but the emphasis must always be on alignment with your objectives.

Aim to locate a role that enables you to exhibit your aptitudes and continue to prosper, even if it denotes commencing at a lower echelon. Have faith in your abilities and your potential to make a positive impact on any enterprise.

In summary, recall that a pause is not a failure. It's a chance for growth, contemplation, and attunement with your inner desires. You are equipped to rebound, eager to chase your aspirations with revitalized enthusiasm and resolve. You are invincible, and your career is primed for its next thrilling phase!