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SunSoft Online Refer-a-Friend program

Refer your friends for any available positions. If they are selected, you will be eligible for financial compensation after 2 weeks of employment.

To check for available job opportunities, check our open positions page.

How it works

Who can I refer and what do they need to do?

You may refer anyone who has not been working with the SunSofOnline team for the past 90 days. Your referral must be selected for the position and accept the offer.


To qualify for a reward, your referral must:

  • Accept and join SunSoftOnline team.
  • Confirm their referral.
  • Maintain active working status in good standing for 12 weeks after joining.
Sounds good. How many people can I refer?

You can have as many referrals as you want.

Open referrals are automatically cleared after 45 days if not confirmed by your friends or family.


Refer-a-Friend terms may subject to change.