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Status: Active
Posted On: Nov 17 2022


All data cleansing aspects

  • Staffing
  • Schedule
  • Results/Final product.
  • Compile and Review data dictionaries
  • Document scenarios to identify anomalies
  • Query databases to document potential issues
  • Review data outputs
  • Profile data
  • Write and execute queries
  • Write and execute automated fixes
  • Work with BA, SMEs and Program staff
  • Having database knowledge of ADABAS, VSAM and SQL is a must. While the target system is unknown at this stage, the purpose of data cleansing is to prepare existing legacy data for conversion to a new system and speed up the process of data mapping.
  • Conversion typically consists of many steps including cleansing, mapping, extraction, transformation, and load into the target system.
  • Data conversion is a critical piece of any modernization project. 
  • Agency can proactively approach data conversion by first identifying potential anomalies in the data and cleansing to ensure the data is ready for the larger data conversion process.