Full time, Contract | Phoenix, AZ
Status: Active
Posted On: Nov 22 2022


The Security Analyst will concentrate their time on Policy Planning and Design and will also assist in delivering results in the branch’s core responsibilities. The duties will include the following:

Policy Planning and Design Coordination with technical subject matter experts Drafting policies/ standards/ SOPs Tracking changes and dissemination of policies/ standards/ SOPs

Developing and Executing Cyber Strategy Strategy document writing and dissemination Maintain ISPO website and ensure content is up to date and refreshed regularly Assist with briefing drafts

Security Metrics and Reporting Develop metrics to support annual strategy goals Coordinate across ISPO sections/branches for metric collection Develop reporting mechanisms for multiple audiences

The primary objective is to analyze information required for the development or updating policies, standards, and standard operating procedures. This individual will also assist with developing the Cyber Strategy, assist in developing content for training and website submittals and assist with developing security metrics.

This will be accomplished by consulting with engineering and technical staff as well as subject-matter experts to gain an understanding of the city’s information security services. The security analyst will then utilize standard templates and translate this information into user-friendly, engaging content.

The Security Analyst will be responsible for generating innovative ideas for content while working both independently and collaboratively as part of a team. This documentation must be simple and clear so that it can be easily understood by every employee. They must also be comprehensive and able to address questions or situations that may arise. Such work requires that security analysts be aware of these potential situations or questions at every level within the city. Writing and introducing policy and other content also entails ensuring that it is not contradictory to any departmental or city guidelines or objectives. This includes ensuring that content is both in line with the city’s mission and the laws of the community. Often, this work can entail additional legal research.

With respect to these tasks, the core responsibilities for the position are as follows:

• Prepare, review, revise, and maintain technical documents, policies, standards, standard operating procedures, and other security content to include software and systems engineering, system operations, testing, and user documentation.

• Gather and analyze technical and product information from various sources to document new or changing product functionality.

• Write, format, edit, review, and proof procedural and technical information for technical and nontechnical users.

• Assist in planning, scheduling, and tracking documentation work to meet release and deliverable dates.