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Status: Active
Posted On: Sep 14 2022


Roles & Responsibilities

  • The Project Director for the HRIS Modernization Project is the executive responsible, accountable and with authority over the management of the project from start to finish.
  • The HRIS Project Director shall direct the activities of the State’s outsource vendor and the Agency's HRIS Modernization Team in the execution of their duties related to the Project. They are responsible to ensure that execution of the Project aligns with the business objectives/priorities as set by the HRIS Executive Steering Committee.
  • The HRIS Project Director reports to the Project Sponsors - the State Human Resources Director and the State Chief Information Officer (CIO).
  • The Project Director will interface to internal and external stakeholders - including the Joint Legislative Budget Committee (JLBC), the Governor’s Office of Strategic Planning and Budgeting (OSPB), the Governor’s Office, the Information Technology Authorization Committee (ITAC), State Agency Directors.
  • The HRIS Stakeholder Committee and the HRIS Change Control/Advisory Committee - to communicate the project goals, objectives, and status. In addition, the HRIS Project team members will actively collect feedback from stakeholder groups to share with the Project Director for consideration in the execution of the Project.
  • The Project Director will monitor all project activities for alignment with time, scope and cost, and for progress and status and will manage all project dependencies, risks and issues and direct the HRIS outsourced vendor and the State project teams to deploy rapid and early mitigation strategies.
  • As needed team members and stakeholders will also escalate issues and risks through the project governance structure for resolution.
  • The Project Director will identify any vendor performance issues and escalate them to the Arizona State Procurement Office for resolution.
  • The Project Director owns the business relationship with the outsourced vendor.
  • The functional requirements and issues identified during project planning and design activities will impact more than one agency and functional area.
  • The Project Director will enforce the policies defined by the Executive Sponsors and the Executive Steering Committee to align the agencies to standardized processes and escalate any significant points of contention for resolution.
  • The Project Director is the decision maker on the identification and assignment of the appropriate resources at each stage of the project to adequately address the tasks and/or issues at hand.
  • The Project Director will maintain a strong, collaborative working relationship with the Project Managers from both the outsourced vendor and the State project teams.
  • The Project Director will sign-off on the resource management plans and will regularly review and assess the plans and assigned personnel, for necessary changes.
  • The Project Director has authority to resource and structure the project teams as needed to best serve the goals of the project and is accountable for the activities of the project teams.
  • The Project Director requires strong leadership and collaboration skills, executive level communication and presentation skills, and deep experience and proven success in leading successful, strategic IT initiatives.
  • Experience with large ERP system migrations or implementations is strongly desired. The candidate must have 5+ years of progressive experience in Information Technology (IT) and large project implementations. However, 10 years of such experience is preferred.