Contract | Phoenix, AZ 85007
Status: Closed
Posted On: Nov 17 2020


BizTalk Resource COVID-19 related work :

Scope of work:

The BizTalk contract resource will provide the following services in regards to supporting the COVID-19 response:

Provide support to all 4 environments of BizTalk (Dev, Test, Stage and Prod) to make sure that the compute instances are performing at acceptable levels in lieu of the increased volumes of ELR data being received.

Fine tune BizTalk (4 environments) servers and configuration when file processing slowness occurs (both known and new issues).

Help configure BizTalk to onboard new testing hospitals/laboratories that are sending COVID-19 test results HL7 ELR data for the first time.

Help develop and configure to onboard new hospitals/laboratories that will be sending COVID-19 test results ELR data in a flat file (CSV or Spreadsheet) format.