Full time, Contract | Phoenix, Arizona
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Status: Closed
Posted On: May 24 2023
Salary: $30000 - $34000 per year


Requisition #415

Roles & Responsibilities

  • This position functions as a Legal Assistant to provide support to the Administrative Law Judges (ALJs) at the Office of Appeals.
  • This function is mission critical, as ASA requires this journeyman level legal assistant position to provide daily advice to parties regarding the status of their Public Assistance and/or Unemployment Insurance appeals, answer process questions and provide assistance consistent with due process requirements.
  • Primary duties for this position include verifying incoming appeals, determining accuracy of exhibits for a hearing, enter case documentation into appropriate repositories, assist customers with elevated docket calls, assist Administrative Law Judges with legal research, creating templates for legal notices, and interpreting necessary procedures for research and analysis of case files for hearings and uploading legal decisions and dispositions for the department to take action on a case.
  • Select exhibits for hearings and must distinguish between the different programs and issue codes to create packets that will be sent to the department as well as the appellant.

Skills Required

  • Answers elevated calls, inquiries and concerns that could not be resolved by first level contact.
  • Performs complex research in multiple databases and systems and respond to inquiries and status of appeal calls.
  • Explains appeal procedures and policies to parties and the public.
  • Communicates with parties on behalf of Administrative Law Judges (ALJs). Analyzes jurisdiction, issues, etc. by reviewing imaged and paper documents per case. Identifies and corrects errors and virtually prints missing documents.
  • Uses PC to research related issues elevated by legal support staff or referred by ALJs, ASA management or other DES Departments.
  • Ensures incoming appeals meet noticing deadlines mandated by Federal and State laws.
  • Research appeal for potential to set aside and remand in order to expedite process for customers.
  • Research complex issues for case file in Health-E-Arizona Plus (HEA+), AZTECS, Guide, and OnBase to choose exhibits for a hearing. Elevates appeals to the Board for Appeals as necessary.
  • Uploads Administrative Law Judge (ALJ) decisions, dispositions, and orders for department to take action.
  • Follows up with Department Case Workers and Local Offices to ensure all action were taken on a case as instructed by the ALJ.
  • Enter notes into case documentation repository.
  • Timely and accurately processes requests for postponements, withdrawals, and other requests by parties and ALJs.
  • Other duties as assigned as related to the position.

Experience Required

  • English; speaking, writing, reading; Health-e-Arizona Plus Public Assistance online application system; Auto Scheduling systems;
  • The Administrative Procedures Act; MS Office, Google Apps (Gmail), Adobe Acrobat; Organization and maintenance of confidential paper and electronic files; Arizona Public Assistance and Unemployment Insurance law, practices and procedures;
  • Customer service techniques: telephone, in person and office security procedures; Identification of complex legal issues with appeals in a timely manner;
  • Case management systems (e.g. APS, Clear2There, mainframe, HEAplus, AZTECS); Office policies and procedures;
  • Virtual Office requirements related to remote work environment, and handling sensitive data. Managing multiple computer programs at one time; Identifying appropriate legal documents in an imaging system to create and send out notices for hearing and create case files; Operating various office equipment;
  • Use of personal computer with multiple programs running simultaneously;
  • Customer service techniques; Interpersonal skills to handle internal and external customer complaints and concerns.
  • Effectively communicate (e.g. verbal, written and reading) with internal and external customers, ALJs, coworkers, agency personnel, supervisors and managers; Work with minimal supervision;
  • Use critical thinking to analyze complex appeals requests, resolve conflicts between competing information, and extract and capture pertinent legal information; Adapt to prescribed procedures within the Administration;
  • Perform repetitive detailed work with a very high level of accuracy and speed;
  • Multi-task; Manage conflicting priorities and demands;
  • Concentrate and focus on complex and sometimes conflicting information from a variety of sources;
  • Analyze and research complex case information observing confidentiality policies and making command decision on assigning workload to meet legally mandated deadlines;
  • Ability to work with customers and staff of various backgrounds, nationalities, and needs.

Education Required

Paralegal or Legal Assistant Certification from an accredited University, college, or ABA accredited training program; Associate degree from an accredited college; Experience as a legal assistant