Full time, Contract | Phoenix, AZ
Status: Active
Posted On: Mar 14 2023
Salary: $48 - $50 per hour


Job Description

Under direct supervision, performs work in a structured environment to engineer highly complicated professional networks, cloud, and security solutions. Is responsible for implementing cloud computing strategy, collaborating on strategy, and project plans, developing infrastructure diagrams and designs, and providing support for infrastructure, security, and applications development. Engineers and administers the build and installation of computer and network infrastructure, encompassing hardware, servers, and virtual machines, while controlling access to the network and managing storage, firewall, and security settings.

Essential Functions (not intended to be all-inclusive):

1. Provides expert enterprise-level engineering and systems support for VMWare.

2. Provides expert-level management of Cisco hardware and configuration solutions.

3. Provides expert-level firewall configuration and management.

4. Provides expert-level knowledge, management, architecture, design, and engineering of cloud-based and on-premises network hardware and software.

Skills Required


1. Principles, concepts, capabilities, and industry standards related to VMWare computing and virtualization software and services.

2. Use, implementation, and management of Cisco hardware and software solutions.

3. Configuration, installation, and management of firewalls and network security systems and monitoring tools and methods.

4. Design, architecture, development, and management of cloud-based computing, network, and storage systems and resources.

5. Engineering on-premises network systems and software and hardware infrastructure.


1. Developing, reviewing, interpreting, and proofreading comprehensive, analytical, statistical, technical, and administrative reports, documents, and manuals.

2. The use of cloud and on-premises system testing applications to identify performance, data integrity, communication, and functionality problems, and ensure the systems are corrected accordingly.

3. Developing logical conclusions and implementing practical solutions to highly complex firewall, security, networking, and virtual systems, and user management.

4. Analyzing user needs to design appropriate system modifications and infrastructure to meet identified requirements.

Experience Required


1. Effectively develop and engineer complex solutions for cloud and on-premises networking infrastructure, maintenance, and management.

2. Design and engineer network security solutions and advanced firewall configurations.

3. Design and implement complex network architecture and systems.

4. Complete complex system and networking documentation and network mapping.

5. Plan, initiate and manage highly technical projects related to networks, information security, and cloud configuration and environment design.

6. Establish and maintain effective professional relationships.

7. Communicate orally and in writing to present information in a logical and understandable format.

8. Work within stringent deadlines to complete work assignments.

9. Adapt to changing priorities and assignments.

10. Adhere to established policy and use good judgment in safeguarding confidential or sensitive information.

Experience Preferred

Requires ten (10) years of experience in cloud system design and management, physical network systems, firewall configuration and management, and virtual system management.

Education (information technology, engineering, or related field) may substitute for up to four (4) years of experience. One year of work experience is equivalent to thirty semester (45 quarter) hours of coursework from an accredited college or university.