In the enterprise world, security is a big issue. And it always will be. Executives of these enterprises still believe that the best solution for this problem is just to hire security farms and leave the rest up to those companies. Ignoring other aspects, executives overlook the actual importance of security awareness. Security Awareness: Best Tool for Enterprise Security Preserving security is the priority for any enterprise. Security is connected to every part of a successful company along with different operations. Absence of protection in an organization would only lead to uncertain situations

This is not uncommon in any team. Lack of security awareness creates a lot of internal mistrust and selfish acts.
Any organization that only believe in moving forward without the necessity of improvisation is sure to fail. The size of an enterprise is irrespective in this matter.
On the other hand, depending on the security people and their modern technology, executives think they remain secured enough. This is where people stand in the wrong. Better technology doesn’t necessarily mean better security. It mostly depends on the people who form the enterprise. Workers tend to create the security loopholes in the first place.
With their poor choices, they always put the enterprise at risk. There are many reasons for it, such as,

  • Employees working in the industry, don’t think about their responsibilities. Employees remain dependent on technologies rather than being self-aware.
  • Executives tend to discourage them from taking any liability for any adverse choices. So, with this, employees are purged from controlling the overall security.
  • Lack of communication with the employees makes them less considerate about the safety.
  • Not enabling their improvising skills, enterprises create less efficient employees.
  • Robotic work environment makes the employees feel disconnected with the overall workplace.

Only Executives Are Not At Fault

Blaming only the executives here is not the solution. If executives start understanding the whole situation and approach it in a better way, this problem will die at the root.
Change the Enterprise System
Since technologies are not the only fact for security purpose, there must be some changes also in employees’ role which will ensure more strict security of the enterprise. Some of the changes are given here:

  1. Security training is a must for all the IT and security employees. Companies should provide proper training about the security system and software to all those members who directly work for the security system.
  2. Executives must encourage their employees using a reward giving system by the performance of the employees.
  3. Companies should keep a back up of all the data as for technology awareness. Besides, these enterprises also should increase the employee awareness. The employees must know how necessary for them to maintain the security of the company is.
  4. The corporations should include some policies about using the office devices such as laptops.
  5. The most important change should be the change of the environment of the working place. Employees deserve friendly working environment with the colleagues and even with the seniors.