Full time, Contract | City of Phoenix, AZ
Status: Active
Posted On: Jul 27 2022


1. Prepares comprehensive project plans and schedules

2. Facilitates joint business or technical staff analysis and design working sessions

3. Conducts systems analysis and design studies and prepares concept and design specifications

4. Provides guidance for significant phases of computer applications such as planning, design, or testing

5. Performs document management

6. Provides problem analysis support to diagnose and remedy problems in operating procedures, computer hardware, system software, and computer application programs

7. Establishes and reviews procedures and evaluates new or revised applications to ascertain that standards are being maintained;

8. Serves as project leader responsible for systems analysis and design for a complex or broad functional application;

9. Plans, assigns, oversees and reviews the work of lower classifications;

10. Analyzes the most difficult work procedures and job methods;

11. Determines needs and develops the most effective means of satisfying management requirements